Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 5 - artists at work together

Our first day working in the same space.

This gave us chance to discuss and wonder about our different approaches to the rules and system we had set up. It is useful to note how much variation can be achieved within a system.

This seems to follow de Certeau's thought's on the agency of people in their everyday activities from The Practice of Everyday Life. They are able to inhabit a variety of tasks and make them their own, undetected by the watchful eye of the ruling system.

As a research task this has been helpful to my own consideration about the use of algorithmic systems within my art practice. Collaboration allows you an insight into the other ways of performing a task that you might otherwise consider tight and specific. In order to create a system which will bring consistent results, while using more than one operator, it becomes apparent how detailed the instruction will need to be.


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